Scenery, Food, and Northern Culture: 5 Reasons You Should Make Maine Your Next Stop for Fun

Scenery, Food, and Northern Culture: 5 Reasons You Should Make Maine Your Next Stop for Fun

It’s almost the end of 2017, and I’m sure you’re looking forward to another year of memorable experiences. And you might also be planning about when and where to go for those free weeks to spend your allotted vacation. Of all the vacations you may have considered, Maine could have made it to your list. And it’s rightly so. From the fantastic sceneries to the plenty of activities that characterize it, there’s never a sad moment in Maine. Here’s why you need to take a vacation in America’s  northernmost state at one point in your life/Make Maine Your Next Stop.

The Weather

Maine’s weather is splendid. Compared to most east coast states, it is a bit farther north, so it’s a little breezier and cooler. This is excellent because it doesn’t get too humid or extremely hot while enjoying the attractions of the outdoor scenery. Even a small amount of rainfall looks pretty in Maine!

Autumn in Ogunquit..

The Wildlife

Wildlife is abundant in Maine. It is well-known for its moose which can be seen when traveling further inland. Although they are attractive to see, it’s advisable to keep away from the moose as they could get aggressive. In the coastal areas, there are some amazing sea creatures. Fresh lobsters can be seen everywhere, but dolphins, whales, harbor seals, and porpoises are in the actual sea. Additionally, there are so many beautiful birds in Maine such as the bald eagle that breeds in the tall pine trees which line the islands.

maine, coast, acadia
The coast of Maine near Acadia National Park


The parks in Maine offer everything an outdoor enthusiast would ever hope for. The oldest eastern park, Acadia, has bike paths for the adrenaline rush, hiking trails, large granite parks, the oldest historic carriage roads, and some of the tallest mountains on America’s Atlantic coast. This is certainly the right place for you to get a breath of perfectly clean mountain air.

Family Bonding

As mentioned, visiting Maine offers an excellent opportunity for people to take part in outdoor adventures, making it possible for families to bond. What better way to forget about technology and chatting than to hike for miles along the coastline of Maine or through its forest? There are numerous marked trails, and most of these trails are properly maintained to provide beautiful and attractive views as well as opportunities for families to take photos.

Wadsworth-Longfellow House, Portland, Maine
Wadsworth-Longfellow House for us, booklovers.

Hotels and Resorts

Apart from the outdoor experiences, Maine also allows for greater relaxation. The place has a lot of beautiful hotels and resorts that offer numerous packages for families and individuals. One of these hotels is the Fairfield Inn & Suites Brunswick Freeport that is located near the city of Bath. Some of the hotels and resorts in Maine have amazing amenities such as the swimming pools, world-class living rooms with 24-hour security, free Wi-Fi, among others.

In addition to the amenities, the resorts and hotels in Maine also offer the best cuisines you could hope for. Seafood lovers should visit Maine since fresh lobster among other fresh seafood can be found here.

Maine, lobster
Maine is known for its seafood cuisine, specifically clams and lobsters.

Make Maine Your Next Stop

With trips to other parts of the world – Europe, the Caribbean islands, and other exotic places – people tend to overlook the amazing places found right here in the United States. Maine, a beautiful state in America, is an excellent tourist location for both the locals and the foreigners. The aspects mentioned above are some of the factors that make it one of the most amazing places to be.

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