By Everett Harper from San Francisco, USA - bu bu bali cooking, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Best Food Tours to do in Bali

One of the cornerstones of Balinese culture is the captivating experience of its cuisine; the sights, smells and tastes and their history all combine to encompass the essence of Bali.

With so much to experience, a lot can be said for enlisting some help – many people are now choosing to accent their Bali Holidays by participating in food tours, which allow guests to immerse themselves in the culture of Bali by travelling through its towns and cities, meeting locals, sampling the authentic cuisine and learning about the process of creation, from the farm or forest to the dinner plate.

If this sounds like a mode of travel that you could get used to, then why not check out these top picks – the best food tours in Bali to satisfy your inner gourmand.

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