July 2012

Injuries abroad and claims

Visiting new places can be fun. No matter where you go, if it’s somewhere new, you’re bound to find something you like about that destination. My hubby and I love travelling, especially when it’s with the kids. However, it’s not without its flaws, especially as there’s always the risk of being injured in accidents.

Getting injured abroad can pose a number of problems, perhaps the main one being who has responsibility for your health and safety. When you go on holiday, you have to deal with tour operators, hotel owners, restaurant owners and airlines. Wherever you are, the company providing accommodation, your flights or food are meant to guarantee that you’re in a safe, secure environment where you’re not at risk from being ill or injured.

kids running up somewhere

My kids being kids.

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Wednesday Windows #19 – Salzburg from above

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Vacation started around here and so we went to a nearby city over the weekend. We were planning to visit Bratislava, Slovak’s capital city but decided on the last minute to visit Salzburg instead. Mozart’s birthplace and the home of the sound of Music.


View from a window of the Hohensalzburg Castle.

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My 7 Super Shots (within Austria)

It has been so long ago when I last posted a tag entry…wow, years actually. Let me thank Mai of Budget Biyahera and Herbert of I am Hashified for tagging me in this meme, My 7 Super Shots. The idea is to post seven photos that fit a theme.

It took me longer to post not only since we’ve been always out…wandering, exploring and enjoying the city while it’s summer vacation but because it is not easy selecting from so many years of photos…That’s 10 years of photos accumulated in our archives starting from when we were still using a P&S Olympus C100. (Glad that I don’t have to scan photos taken with my reliable SLR, Canon T60, lol).

To make things easier, I selected photos taken within our country of residence now, Austria. Most of these have been featured a lot of times in my other blogs. Pardon me for being repetitive but if my muse won’t go lazy this weekend, I’d probably post another set with photos taken from places we’ve been to…so here goes…


A photo that:

Takes My Breath Away

salzburg sky2

View of Salzburg from the fortress atop a mountain. (Canon Eos 5D, July 2012)

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