August 2011

No Winter is Too Chilly with a High Efficiency Furnace

  Winter in Vienna can be welcomed in two varying degrees. There are those who welcome it with outstretched arms because Vienna in winter is very picturesque – think along the lines of a fairytale winter wonderland with snow on the ground, crisp night air, friends enjoying each other’s company half-hidden in the steam rising from mugs of hot mulled wine. That is Vienna during winter, which falls between December… Read More »No Winter is Too Chilly with a High Efficiency Furnace

Corner Window

Sometimes the most serene corner can be found in the most unlikely places. That’s my daughter by the window at a McDonald’s branch by the shopping district.  

Poster Prints

  I’m a self-confessed photoholic. I bring my camera whenever I can – even in public toilets. lol. I know, sounds exaggerated but I truly do. Back in the era of photographic films I was already like that. I’d carry my camera and take photos of what I fancy and get them printed. I even learned film developing and photo printing in the dark room… Then, hubby also has his… Read More »Poster Prints

Walk the City 1

Here, let me show you our city walks and how high residential buildings could get. 😀 Even now, the so-called modern era, the buildings are built or renovated  with a facade that still fits a charming old city feature. Don’t you agree?

Just Playing

  Where we live is a comfortable zone for the birds…We live on the last floor with balcony and it’s open for the birds to freely do their thing – to propagate. We’ve cleaned it this spring and found some eggs — (sorry birds, don’t be angry but we can’t tolerate that). This photo was one I took of hubby posing as though he’s shooting the birds when in fact… Read More »Just Playing

Gone Medieval at the Wien Museum

  In Vienna, rain or shine…we roll. I went with my daughter’s class sometime last month to the Vienna Museum in Karsplatz – it was raining though. The museum particularly showcases Medieval Vienna. The purpose of this trip is for the kids to have a visual knowledge of Vienna’s “colorful” history. I came along to learn as the kids do…I don’t have to reiterate that I am a history buff,… Read More »Gone Medieval at the Wien Museum

Walking in the City

At times, walking in the city is like walking at another era. History-filled Vienna has preserved most of its building, architecture and cultural heritage that it seems as though a turn to the left of the street would bring you to a different setting of the past.