No Winter is Too Chilly with a High Efficiency Furnace

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Winter in Vienna can be welcomed in two varying degrees. There are those who welcome it with outstretched arms because Vienna in winter is very picturesque – think along the lines of a fairytale winter wonderland with snow on the ground, crisp night air, friends enjoying each other’s company half-hidden in the steam rising from mugs of hot mulled wine. That is Vienna during winter, which falls between December to February and early March.


However it also does get bitterly cold, sometimes going down to -15 centigrade. What do Austrians do when that happens? Well, not much, except turn up the furnace so their houses get cozy, comfy warm. Of course, there are people who prefer high efficiency furnace even if it costs more primarily because it doesn’t use as much fuel thereby reducing the cost of heating by as much as 10 to 20 percent.

As for us, well, we already have a furnace and it is still running smoothly. Proper maintenance is all it takes to ensure that. But should we ever need to have it replaced then we would definitely go for a furnace with high rather than mid efficiency.

Schönbrunn in winter



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