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I’m a self-confessed photoholic. I bring my camera whenever I can – even in public toilets. lol. I know, sounds exaggerated but I truly do. Back in the era of photographic films I was already like that. I’d carry my camera and take photos of what I fancy and get them printed. I even learned film developing and photo printing in the dark room…

Then, hubby also has his stint in advertising and some  poster printing projects where he’d do illustrations and graphics, submit it to his editor and bring them to print. I had no idea then how poster printings work so when I accompanied him to the printing shop, I was amazed.

Nowadays it is much much more convenient to have poster prints. I have a handful of the kids’ photos hanged on our walls. They are my personal shots that I had printed as poster-sized photos…so I bet posters whether the advertorial or campaign types are are easier to print too. As well as all the landscape photos I took over the years.

fruits and kids
them 3

Here’s an example of a my photo printed poster-size at the photo shop near our place.

The photo is one of my favorites as it has been used for a  magazine article, shown on TV and unfortunately taken without permission and used for an appliance store advertisement. 🙁 I still have some other photo posters of the kids while hubby hangs his paintings. I guess our home does show our love for art and photography no? I’d probably print some more poster photos…perhaps when I have award-winning photos. lol 🙂


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