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Where we live is a comfortable zone for the birds…We live on the last floor with balcony and it’s open for the birds to freely do their thing – to propagate. We’ve cleaned it this spring and found some eggs — (sorry birds, don’t be angry but we can’t tolerate that).

This photo was one I took of hubby posing as though he’s shooting the birds when in fact it’s just “posing time.” This is just a fun edit he did for the boys — our boys who love playing the game , angry birds.

I don’t know where he got the “rifle” but he likes to collect those, remote control tanks, helis aside from game consoles. Seeing this rifle, I thought I’d be seeing night vision rifle scopes around the house. He’d be wearing camouflage uniforms, helmet, have his face painted with black, have his backpack full with camping gear, night goggles,  parachute and enjoy himself up in the mountains. Well, that’s just me and my fully trotting imagination. 😉

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