Sights and Attractions in Negros Occidental

The Philippines is said to be one of the most beautiful countries in Asia. Divided by three main islands and composed of multiple islets (7,107 islands during low tide), Filipinos developed different cultures and different beliefs depending on the province one came from. For instance, Negros Occidental; this province is widely known for its rich culture, magnificent spots and delicious cuisines.

The capital city of Negros Occidental is Bacolod City. People in this place are known for their smiles hence the nickname “The City of Smiles”. In here, you will find museums, showrooms, churches and historical places perfect for tourists.

Things to do, Places to see, Food to eat  in Negros Occidental

The most famous museum is the Negros museum. This is where you’ll find the story of Bacolod and how it blossomed from its past up to the present. You’ll see the people who used to run the place such as the governors and its administrators.

Negros Museum

negros museum

After enjoying the place of Bacolod, you can move on to the city of Talisay. This is where the famous “The Ruins” is located. The ruins is a place filled with emotions. The look is old yet beautiful and elegantly stunning. This is a forgotten place, unfinished yet breathtaking. This is where you’ll get intrigued, puzzled by its beauty despite of its unfinished structure.

The Ruins in Talisay City

Negros Occidental


Another spot highly recommended for tourists to visit is Victorias City’s Church of the Angry Christ. This church was completed in the year 1949 and until now this brings wonder and amazement to everyone. Why would a Catholic church allow such a name to be associated to the church? This is one of the reasons why tourists should visit this place. This church has its own uniqueness; it shows important catholic figures in different ways. For example, the paintings of Mary and Joseph as brown skinned people.

Church of the Angry Christ

church of the angry christ 

Aside from the places, there are also tasty and succinct cuisines that can also be found here in Negros Occidental. The place is famous for its chicken barbeque or chicken inasal also known as roasted chicken. One of the most famous places where you can eat the best chicken barbeque is at “Manokan Country” where tourist can definitely enjoy the delicious, tasty and mouthwatering barbeque styles by the Negrenses.

Bacolod Chicken Inasal


chicken inasalThere are a lot of wonderful places and food here in Negros Occidental waiting to be discovered. These are just examples of the things that a tourist can visit, observe, eat and enjoy. Staying in the province of Negros Occidental is worth your previous time.


6 thoughts on “Sights and Attractions in Negros Occidental

  1. I have been fortunate enough to travel to Asia several times but I have yet to have the opportunity to visit the Philippines After reading your article I can see a visit is required. Both my wife and I enjoy seeing the world, as each place is unique. The interesting thing about the .Philippines is the intertwining of the Asian and the Hispanic cultures. We have put a visit on our list!

    1. Hello fellow itchyfeet. Yes, the Philippine islands are each unique and the Spanish influence can clearly be seen particularly in a city called Vigan…it’s like it has been left in that era when the Spaniards came, very picturesque. 🙂 If you like beaches, you can go hopping on different islands there, with white, pink, gray sand to choose from. Have fun. 🙂

  2. I haven’t made it to the Philippines, and I definitely have never heard of Negros Occidental. Looks like a nice place to visit. They even make their ruins looks beautiful. That chicken dish looks good too. How much would it cost to stay there? I do love to travel and always enjoy hearing about new places. Thanks!

    1. Hi again, Negros Occidental is an island in Visayas (middle cluster of islands in the Philippines). One of the most preserved but also modernized city in the Philippines, this guide might help in calculating costs, I hope: – hotel stay could range from 20$-60$ a night… Yes, the chicken dish (Inasal) is a famous local favourite. 🙂

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