Souvenir(s) from Venice

Kids and adults City shirts are also a good choice for souvenirs. Not only is it a token of remembrance, it’s very usable/useful of course. During our trip to Venice, we bought shirts for the kids along with a handful of souvenirs. Little boy got this red shirt while son#1 got black and older sister got pink, what else?

City shirts need not be expensive, you can go visit boutiques around the city you’re visiting but those on regular shops will do too. It’s most likely that you’ll find postcards too from there, just as I did. I was able to send my Dad a postcard from Venice, the last that I was able to send him before he died. He was used to sending us, my siblings and I, postcards from his travels abroad and he’d surely bring home shirts and sweaters too. I had hoped to bring him a Venice shirt too, if only it wasn’t too late. 🙂

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