Souvenir from Venice – Snow globe


A few posts below I mentioned that I collect snow globes or water balls. I’d particularly look for one with a famous landmark in it. Venezia, is Italian for Venice so you’d see that inscripted on the base of the globe. This one only has a bridge inside it, which is fitting as Venice is also known as the city of bridges.

The Campanile (bell tower) of  St.Mark’s Basilica is also featured at the base. It is considered as one of Venice’s symbol. In reality, the bell tower is 98.6 metres (323 ft) tall. We weren’t able to go up the tower, I’m not even sure if it’s allowed…

So below is a photo I took of hubby with the Campanile at the background during our visit. I was a bit disappointed at this time because his camera ran out of batteries so I had to do all the photos with our then Sony DSC F717…although I love that camera for macro shots, I enjoy using the EOS better for landscape….

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