Ice-melting Attractions in Iceland

Planning a family vacation in Iceland is always best if you are prepared with information that you need to know with your vacation.

Here are few things about vacation destination in Iceland that you can consider on your list of things to visit.

The Blue Lagoon

If you are into supernatural effect of the place you would like to visit, consider Blue Lagoon on your list of place to go in Iceland. This is considered to be one of the most visited places in Iceland because of the characteristic of the water in the lagoon. Swimming in the waters will make you experience its curative powers and you should be ready for the 40C or 104 F temperature of the water. The rich minerals in the waters are one of the reasons as well why it can cure. On the other hand, even if the Blue Lagoon is considered to be supernatural, people in Iceland do not deny the fact that the place is man-made. Due to the run-off from  Svartsengi power plant the Blue Lagoon came to birth.  To produce heat and energy the plant needs to pump water and the excess water is released into the lagoon to supply water. Mind you, even if the water came from the power plant it’s guaranteed to be clean and healthy.

The Blue Lagoon

Iceland, Blue Lagoon
Blue Lagoon – image via


Nature Reserves in Iceland

If you are into hiking and going into an adventure in the wilderness, visiting Dorsmork in Iceland is one of best choice you can make. Dorsmork can offer you 300 square km of valley and landscapes which is best for amateur hikers. Dorsmork is considered to be one of the most visited natural reserves in Iceland.

Dorsmork in Iceland



The West Fjords

The West Fjords will show beautiful mountains on your visit at the place. This part of your vacation destination is already 13 million years old and it can be considered as one of the oldest part. This is the best option you can have if you want to stay in a place that is not very much populated and you want to visit a totally undisturbed nature.

The West Fjords

West Fjords


Waterfalls in Iceland

Even if we are already talking about Iceland, I can assure you that the place is not full of ice only and it still has waterfalls. In Iceland almost all kinds of waterfalls have their own special kind of attraction, this is the reason why each visitor that has gone by the waterfalls has their own personal memory of the place that is worth remembering.  Here you will find the primordial magic of waterfall not to mention that others have European waterfalls that are described to be powerful.

Just to give you an idea of which Iceland waterfall that you should visit, below is 4 of Iceland’s amazing waterfalls that is worthy of your time.

Gullfoss Waterfall



Dettifoss Waterfall

Iceland Dettifoss


Skogafoss Waterfall



Dynjandi Waterfall



Having a visit in Iceland will actually bring you a unique experience on your vacation. Here, you will experience being close to nature instead of going to malls and hotels if you will go to other places or country aside from Iceland. Having a vacation here will give someone a closer look at nature on a totally different view. Especially if you are someone coming from a place with tropic weather.

Have you updated your bucket list? I guess you should and have Iceland on your list.

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  1. Mona Verdida

    September 12, 2014 at 1:55 am

    What beautiful place!! Iceland has always been a mystery to me because it’s a place I don’t hear much about. Thanks to your pictures, I see the majestic beauty of it! So beautiful!

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