6 Basic Travel Budgeting Tips

Travel Tips

We all wanted to travel, we really had hard time whole year round working may be we deserve to have a little treat for ourselves such as finally booking that vacation packages in Europe that we have been saving up for. Here are some simple travel budgeting tips that would make you lessen the expenses you […]

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Lose Yourself in the Desert Island that Is Railay Beach

Asia, Beaches, Thailand

After all the lockdowns and missing the beach 2 or 3 summers, it’s finally time to book your trip to Asia! Where else, but the Land of the Smiles –  Thailand. Railay beach is touted as one of Thailand’s most beautiful beaches. It’s a small peninsula sandwiched between the cities of Krabi and Ao Nang. […]

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Are you a Night Person? Here’s a List of Late Night Lounges in Dubai

United Arab Emirates

Are you a night person?  Would you like to know where the late-night lounges are in Dubai? We have this post for you detailing the best late-night lounges in Dubai. There are world-class late-night lounges in Dubai for everyone, no matter the preference to relax, dance and sip. These lunges allow you to spend your […]

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Advantages Of Traveling By Car

Travel Adventures

^Advantages Of Traveling By Car: Flexibility The pandemic has really changed the way we travel. Safety has been heightened and not just the usual procedures are implemented on airports, but health protocols, social distancing, are on double check. And as worldwide travel becomes at ease, and mask-wearing isn’t as compulsory in many airlines and airports […]

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The Lovely Places of Italy – 10 Charming Cities and Communes

Europe, Italy

^Lovely Places of Italy: driving along Amalfi coast Italy is one of the biggest nations in Europe with 60 million inhabitants, making it the sixth country with the highest population in Europe. Some of its neighbouring countries are Austria, San Marino and Switzerland.  Italy is also known as a country that is shaped like a […]

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6 Best Spots and Islands in the US for Sailing

North America

^6 Best Spots and Islands in the US for Sailing : By the Bay There are many Islands in the US, both named and unnamed. It probably won’t be enough for a simple citizen like me (and you) to go hopping on each of them within this lifetime. One, it will cost a lot and […]

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5 Awesome Islands to Visit in Cebu

Asia, Philippines

Cebu has been known to be one of the most progressive city in the Philippines. But Cebu is also home of many natural treasures. Explore the many wonders of Cebu. Malapascua Island Enjoy the wonders of marine treasures, visit Malapascua Island. In Malapascua, you will find many world class diving sites. One of which are: […]

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Top 5 Affordable Hotels to Stay in London

Europe, Hotel Guides

^Top 5 Affordable Hotels to Stay in London: To Buckingham Palace   While travelling is on a halt, planning for when it’s allowed is a smart thing to do. We care for your safety, please take precautions and consider this article as suggestions for future travels. If one were to think of great cities of […]

April 24, 2021

4 Best Outdoor Spots in British Columbia

Canada, North America

Canada is often thought of as a paradise for nature lovers, as the county’s geography and nature preservation policy has created some truly amazing outdoor areas. A large portion of these amazing natural sights are located in the region of British Columbia. One can make an entire vacation out of just visiting these natural areas […]

February 22, 2021

8 Great learning tips to improve your Korean


So you have finally started learning Korean? (If you haven’t, check out my previous blogpost where I gave tips on how to start learning this language!) You started with your 한글 but you want to speak fluently even faster? Everyone knows, that learning a language takes time. It takes a lot of patience and endurance. You […]

July 7, 2020

Easy Step-by-Step to Start learning Korean


Have you ever wanted to start learning Korean, because you planned a trip to Korea and don’t want to feel lost, when you get lost? Or ever wanted to understand what your Korean idols are tweeting but you’re not really sure if you can handle such a ‘difficult’ language such a Korean? For many, Korean […]

July 6, 2020

Travel Plans for a Two-day Big Apple Experience

America, New York

  The sophistication of Broadway, impressive buildings, iconic landmarks, and the bustling people of New York are just some of the attractions that lure people to the Big Apple. Tourists who would like to make the most out of their short visit need to plan and prioritize their tours. Here are some suggestions for a […]

February 4, 2020