Music and Us

Hubby and I enjoy music a lot. He plays the guitar, I sing but never together. That’s chaos. It is a really lovely thing that we settled down in Vienna, the music capital of the world and where musicians Strauß, Beethoven and Mozart played their pieces in opera houses. So much so it inspired me to make a blog dedicated to music.

We both grew up listening to different kinds of music. Back in the Philippines, I would spend half of my savings on buying compact discs of my favorite singers and boybands. Back then I’d go gaga over Backstreet Boys and Boyz II Men as most of my colleagues.

In the next few months, hubby is about to leave for the US and Canada to visit his aunt. But he’s also planning to take that opportunity to watch concerts of famous music artists there. Two days ago I found him surfing the web for concert tickets. Luckily, upcoming concerts and is considering to buy Jersey Boys Tickets, from the classic Bon Jovi Tickets, or even Backstreet Boys Tickets!

Now I’m envious. I never got the chance to watch them live so I just content myself from watching their music vids. I told hubby to take photos and videos . If possible, maybe he could also take their autographs for me.

Hubby said I’m more excited on his upcoming trip than he is.

I am.

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