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Three years ago we spend a week in Lignano, Italy and stayed at a Villa with a pool. It was a good stay and a memorable vacation all in all.  Seeing a website featuring a group of Hotel Cesenatico made me nostalgic and wanting to book! 😛

Cesenatico is another coastal town in Italy. It is home to cookbook author Marcella Hazan…it’s not surprising as Cesenatico is rich with fruits of the sea. Her recipes are purely of Italian ingredients and heavily influenced by her family – all of them cooking at their home as she recalls.  Anyhow, basing my thoughts of Cesenatico on Marcella alone, I am sure that food served in the restaurants are perfect and homey as they were in Lignano.

The website featuring the hotels is a perfect stop for those looking for a grand getaway. Lots of choices for the family all with pools or access to a pool near the hotels. Entertainment for kids and adults, a tour of the town and the Museo della Marineria (Marine Museum) would be really interesting – historic fishing boats are displayed in the canal. (History buff me getting excited). And as mentioned, the food would be totally refreshing! For us, living in a city without much body of water around (we do not often have fresh fish, I need to travel at least an hour for that), a foodtrip of seafood would be a welcome treat!

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