Dropped – no, I’m not Counted as a Legendary Traveller


Years ago, when I was still single, I had imposed a challenge to myself: to travel alone to certain cities and prove that I could be independent. The farthest I’ve gone to was Baguio city, it’s 6 hours away from Manila and for me (at 18), that’s already far! 🙂

Fast forward to 15 years, I found myself exploring a city 15 hours away (by plane that is) from my hometown; in Frankfurt – Europe’s largest financial centre. I was excited and giddy at the same time on thoughts of going about an unfamiliar city by myself – yes, I imagine a sort of urban adventure, meeting new people, staring in awe at old and new architecture, taking photos of lovely corners and historical buildings, walking endlessly on cobblestones. And that’s just what I did and a lot more! There’s no mountain to go up or hike to as was Baguio’s and which from atop you can see the luxuriant vegetation…but Frankfurt has the Main Tower and from there you can truly see how Frankfurt is a German city – full of high-rise glass buildings in the midst of lush greenery.

view from the main tower
Deutsche Bank Twin Towers and Frankfurt seen from the Main Tower

Three days full may have been short to some but to me, it was much – I haven’t been by myself, alone in a distant city for so long – far from hubby and the kids. I was consoled by the fact that it’s Germany, I speak their language so I’d be alright! Besides, hubby and I went on a trip to Italy earlier, with cities much busier and much more populated than Frankfurt…I felt safer and awesome! 😉

Then I learned about Heineken’s latest global campaign ‘Voyage’ and felt short of being brave. :/ A bold undertaking to prove whether legends are born or made,  it’s sort of an experiment testing what men are truly made of when taken out of their comfort zone and dropped or brought into the great, mysterious unknown. Think survival of the fittest! What would John, a company manager surrounded by his staff and who gives out orders here and there, do when in a snap of a finger, he finds himself in the Amazon rainforest with nothing but a pen, an umbrella, his clothing and a plane ticket to get him home? This is where his resourcefulness and stamina will be tested, his skills; pushed and tried.

This is ‘Voyage’, premium beer brand Heineken® ‘s new campaign.  Taking different men from all walks of life, they’d be dropped into far-flung locations, stripped off their comfortable and normal lives. Be brought to  a city contrasting the norms of what they were used to, a culture so different and a language not so familiar.

It is the fifth installment of the Heineken ‘Legends’ platform, the integrated campaign, which will be live on various platforms available to man. The project will allow consumers to have a truly immersed experience via the Heineken® Dropped YouTube channel.

Each dropped voyage will make us (viewers) see how an adventurer will end up, if a participant ever makes it home or if he would even make it out alive… 😀 All that being said, I have been dropped out of the list already! (Aside from not being a man, my sort of “adventure”  fails in comparison- took the elevator going up the Main Tower by the way, haha).

Well, with this we will see that legends or legendary travellers may not be born nor made, they could be Dropped.

feet cobblestones frankfurt
My trusted converse, cobblestones at Frankfurt’s Europaplatz…


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