A Breath Of Fresh Air Welcomes You At Halifax!

By Skumar84 - Town Clock, Halifax, NS, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=19334111


Although Montreal is a wonderful city, I love having my time in Halifax. I live in Montreal; and I am back from a three week vacation in Halifax. It’s not like I don’t love Montreal, but, 3 weeks in Halifax means doing a lot many things and simply taking it easy. Halifax’s weather is also classified as humid continental like that of the Montreal weather. The summers are humid, but life is much more fun in Halifax as it revolves around the sea.

So, if you’re planning to take a trip to Halifax, let me tell you, it’s going to be fun. Rich in culture and history, Halifax is best enjoyed on foot. Simply park your car, and walk into any museum, bar or restaurant to make the most of your time there. There’s breathtaking beauty and exciting events happening at every corner of the city. All you need to do is explore them as you walk around.

There’s more to the city than just the sea. Just go out and let the coastal energy guide you through the city. What better way to start exploring the city than visiting the Eastern Coast, an ideal destination for adventure freaks.

Let your tour begin with Peggy’s Cove. It’s the most authentic fishing village in Nova Scotia. Check out the very popular lighthouse; also visit the rugged, sea-sculpted, granite shores and have fun.

Peggy's Cove, lighthouse
Peggy’s Cove

The Public Garden is one authentic lush Victorian garden where you could escape to.

Try visiting the Citadel Hill. It is one of the most visited historic sites in Canada. You’ll have an amazing time atop with fantastic views.

Nova Scotian Crystal is one place where you can watch brilliant artisans craft mouth-blown, hand-cut crystals. This is one of a kind experience in Canada.

You could also witness the collections by skilled Nova Scotia artists, folk arts, and other art forms in the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia.

Take time to visit the Museums as well. The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, with Halifax explosion, and the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History are the best ones to begin with.

If sailing is what you would like to do, do explore Halifax Harbour for wonderful beer brunch or evening cruises.

There are many other summer activities you could indulge in like whale watching, surfing, hiking, kayaking, and more – the East Coast truly has it all.

If you’re planning to visit anytime soon do attend the Halifax Festival! This way you can add more excitement to your Halifax holiday. The current weather is beautiful and perfect for a holiday.

Angus L. Macdonald Bridge halifax
Argyle Street

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