China Tour – in the City

what is it called? – taken near the Danube

Still at the Danube area, when I went with my daughter’s class there, we passed by a Chinese restaurant. The last time I dined here was in 2005…6 years ago and I still remember how lovely the garden was, the small pond with bushes around and the lovely lanterns hanging from the room.

The food of course was superb! They even have teapots for you to make your own tea from fresh leaves. 😀 I had green tea.

Being inside was like having a china tour if not being in China already. Everything were authentically Chinese, the interior, food and the people of course.

Have I mentioned before that my husband looks Chinese? Well, half of his blood is Singaporean so he naturally has chinky eyes. He mentioned once that he’d like to visit mainland China and Tokyo too. I saw him browsing online for package tours and he showed me My Discovery Tour by Cannetic Travel. They  offer the best in China travel service.


Take the Dreamlike Tour of Secret Tibet priced at  $3599.  The Tibet Mystery Tour is an excellent way to see the amazing Tibet which is an ideal history trip for me, a history buff. There’s also the Ultimate China Discovery for $2599. This is the most complete China tour package for those seeking a bit of everything. Like visiting 13 cities and taking a cruise on the Yangtze River with the kids would be truly amazing. Well, just dreaming on, I did mention earlier that we’re spending some time in Germany so we’ll look forward to a china tour for the next! 😉

the real thing

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