Butchart Gardens and a Vancouver Hotel

When visiting Vancouver, the Butchart Gardens is a must-see! It’s such a wonderful sight especially for shutter-happy people like me, a large park of many beautiful things. Beautiful flowers of different types abound in various colors could be snapped…the scenery and landscape are picturesque, details as statues, fountains, flower pots and all combine harmoniously into a lovely picture.


The Butchart Gardens feature different garden cultures within. I mean you’d see Japanese art, a red bridge, a welcome shrine that’s every inch a Tokyo characteristic. There’s an Italian garden featuring Victorian architect and influence. There’s a sunken garden, a rose garden displaying a thousand roses. Pure bliss! You won’t get tired moving about and savoring, smelling the flowers.


In case you do get tired, just s few steps away from the garden is this wonderful Vancouver Hotel that is every inch Victorian. Wouldn’t you be indulged to get in and take a peek? Let’s see next week!


Empress Hotel


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