Best Places to Visit When in Jamaica

When you are in Jamaica, your being adventurous and curious about the unique culture and communities of the place will surely be addressed. There are several places for you to go that will make your visit in Jamaica so much worthwhile. Check these best places to visit when you’re in Jamaica.

Nine Mile

If you are an avid fan of Bob Marley, then this is a historic place to visit where your eyes can feast on the extraordinary environment of the area. While going through the village, you will be able to learn more about the real Jamaica culture and the Rastafarian religion. The tour guide will discuss everything so as you will also be acquainted with the place where Bob Marley spent his childhood and this is also his resting place. This place spells fun and learning.

Nine Miles
Bob Marley’s house

YS Falls

If the tiring work necessitates you to relax and unwind, a nature lover will surely wash the boredom and stress away. Jamaica’s YS Falls has been the talk of the travelers who have passion for adventurous trekking. It is not that adventurous when you ride up the hill, and then you are driven up by a trailer? How about when you are in the falls, with such wonderful water view you will have the opportunity to swim through the cave and goes out under the falls! Such is indeed a marvelous adventure that you will not miss when you are in Jamaica.

YS Falls
YS Falls @St. Elizabeth Parish

Ochos Rios

Jamaica is rich in natural wonders and one of the bests is the Ochos Rios. The place offers a waterfalls and an exciting feeling to swim with the dolphins. If you love the nature trekking and hiking, the Dunn River will definitely give you the healthiest way to stay fit and test your agility and endurance with 900 foot climb while enjoying the fascinating waterfalls view.

Ochos Rios
Ocho Rios from Shaw Gardens

Blue Hole Mineral Spring

How about swimming in a hole of water full of minerals? If you are an experienced diver, this hole encased with a limestone with naturally occurring minerals will surely fascinate you! During night time, you can still swim and even spend overnight in the place with its welcoming and relaxing ambiance.

Blue Hole Mineral Spring, Best Places to Visit When in Jamaica
Blue wonder

Historical Sites

Jamaica’s historic richness and unique culture also serve as attractions for tourists to visit the places where history and heritage of Jamaicans are apparent. You may visit places like Rose Hall Great House which attraction was about the story of the ghost, Bob Marley Museum which is dedicated to the famous reggae musician; Firefly, Columbus Park. There are so many Jamaican heritages to pay visit if you love to learn history.

There are more places to visit in Jamaica that tourists would love to. Those who are coming back to the place every year finds Jamaica to have been truly blessed with nature wonders and a rich culture.

In order to have an arranged itinerary when you visit Jamaica, it would be better if you will check on travel and tour companies to facilitate the trip. You can as well browse for Jamaica’s best places and how other people have rated them.


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