December 2012

A Guide To Winter Cruise Destinations

The winter weather in the United Kingdom is renowned for being cold, wet and dull during the evenings. In fact, it’s actually the perfect time to plan for a cruise holiday.

Instead of sitting at home wearing an extra jumper and sipping on a hot cup of tea, why not spend it lying in the sun on the deck of a cruise ship, crisp glass of wine in hand, or viewing some stunning scenery from the deck? It is not a hard decision!

It used to be that cruise holidays were thought of strictly as a summer event, with the winter holidays to be saved for ski trips or something of that nature. But, over the years, winter cruise holidays have grown in popularity, and lowered in price, as people are quite excited to escape a dreary winters day for a sunny seaside one.

Now when it comes to winter cruise destinations, there are a handful which are quite popular and find a steady stream of visitors year after year. Many of these spots are probably exactly what you might think would be popular destinations, but there also might be a few interesting surprises in there as well!

norway winter cruise

Are you tough enough?

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Wall Tents: The Master of All Tents


The ridge tentsor wall tents are the best accommodations one can have in a camping. It has space arrangement for 5 to 8 people or sometimes even more. For quite a long time, this particular type of tent has been considered to be the best in terms of design and performance. The tent usually has a rectangular shaped floor. The walls of the tent have one upright pole on each of the walls. The tops of poles are joined together with the help of a horizontal ridge pole. This is how the basic wall structure is made. However, in cases of longer tent models, an additional upright pole is often placed at the center. It helps to provide a support system to the main ridgepole. This type of tent can be of different types. There can be single walled tents and also double or multi-walled tents. Multi walled ones have multiple wall layering.


Sometimes the tent structure has additional guy ropes that prevent the tent from heavy wind blow. The wall tents are best used by the military camps, hunters or the outfitters. The reason is this type of tent provides enough spacious arrangement for many people and also their equipment and baggage. Special facility like wood stoves is supplied with the tent for cooking and heating purpose. The canvas out of which the tent is made is usually water or fire treated. The wall stove is often attached with a stove jack. This stove jack along with a weather flap helps to endure high temperature, which is the result of using a stove.  The bottom of a ridge tent is made resistant with webbing. In addition, grommets are used rather than sewn-in stake loops.


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Sin City Virgin: What to do in Vegas for the First Time

Las Vegas is the ultimate Sin City and making a visit to this amazing place requires early planning. This applies to anyone regardless of whether it is the first or a subsequent visit. Being a first timer may be a little harder but it does not mean that an individual will not have a wonderful time.

Ideally, the most important thing to remember is that planning, which involves putting up an estimated budget, making reservations and knowing what to expect once you arrive into the city, requires time and research. This is because the city is full of activities that accommodate any type of individual, and doing all of them in one visit is almost impossible.

Here are some tips for a Sin City Virgin:

Making that trip to the Sin City obviously indicates that you have already made plans on where to stay for the duration that you will be there and have someone who can show you around; either a friend or a tour guide. Well the idea is to make the most of your time.

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