September 2012

Wednesday Windows #22 – Foggy Morning Window View


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It’s starting to fall…I mean the weather, it’s becoming colder and we’re having rain more often. The leaves are starting to brown and fall on the ground, it means another photo session with the kids is in order.

Every waking morning I look out the window and see if the sun’s peeking out or not. I would then look at the weather forecast. We would dress accordingly. At times, it’s cold in the mornings, starting at 9degrees and it would go up to 20 degrees.

window view bird

at 6 in the morning

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Wednesday Windows #21 – Night Windows

Congratulations to last week’s pool winner, Che Wanders. Please send your paypal details for your prize! Join today too to get a chance to win 5$!

For the life of me and the almost ten years of being in Vienna, I admit I haven’t really taken attention to knowing all the important buildings in the city. I do, however, know what I feature over at my daily blog (which needs updating). I need to brush up on Austrian history for an upcoming exam…yep, 32-year-old me needs to undergo an exam by the end of the month and it will determine a lifetime decision that I once vowed not to do. :/ Now, instead of taking it seriously, I’m blogging and yapping nonsense…it’s probably the butterflies in my stomach – I’m cramming. Like I was back in high school.


lotsa windows

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Vienna’s Spanish Riding School

Why are horses so attractive? I don’t really know. Like moth to a flame, my kids are drawn to these mighty, spirited creatures whenever they got the chance to be near them, which is; rarely. Time spent at the Praterstern’s horse-drawn carousel over the weekend prompted a visit to Vienna’s Spanische Hofreitschule (Spanish Riding School). It was not to actually ride a horse but to watch their regality and performance in classical dressage.


mighty but gentle

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Wednesday Windows #21 – Mozart’s Birthplace

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Some time ago we got to visit the enchanting city of Salzburg, Austria’s fourth largest city. It’s a three-hour ride from Vienna and as usual we did the walking when we got there…going through streets here and there, taking photos of whatever we see and of course buying souvenirs for us and friends.


mozart's geburthaus

Mozart’s birthplace at Getreidegasse Nr. 9, Salzburg

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