Wednesday Windows #21 – Night Windows

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For the life of me and the almost ten years of being in Vienna, I admit I haven’t really taken attention to knowing all the important buildings in the city. I do, however, know what I feature over at my daily blog (which needs updating). I need to brush up on Austrian history for an upcoming exam…yep, 32-year-old me needs to undergo an exam by the end of the month and it will determine a lifetime decision that I once vowed not to do. :/ Now, instead of taking it seriously, I’m blogging and yapping nonsense…it’s probably the butterflies in my stomach – I’m cramming. Like I was back in high school.

lotsa windows

Enough of my story, this building…I am not entirely sure which, was photographed while walking home one night. There were a fairly lot of people walking then but I was able to take a shot with no one around – probably two silhouettes but they are barely seen. I think, I miss night photography. I have been bound at home for so long now, I need to get my sanity back. How about Japanese class or Spanish refresher? I’d probably do just those, as long as it’s not German I’m good. As long as I have a lovely building like this when night falls, I’d be happy. 🙂

To join us, simply post a photo of a door or window and let us know where it was taken. Link up to this blog or put a badge which you can get here. Win 5$ too if you join this week!

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