February 2012

The Lovely Places of Italy

Italy is one of the biggest nations in Europe with 60 million inhabitants, making it the sixth country with the highest population in Europe. Some of its neighbouring countries are Austria, San Marino and Switzerland and Italy is also known as a country that is shaped like a boot. This country is really rich in history as well as its natural beauty and there will always be something to be… Read More »The Lovely Places of Italy

Private airplanes

Having ridden airplanes numerous times, I know how thrilling (or horrible) the entire experience could be. I can imagine what goes on in the minds of first time fliers, perhaps like mine; not so smooth as I had a toddler in tow. Surely, they’re anxious not knowing what lies ahead of them. Actually, the experience is both exciting and frightening. Frightening because you’re up there suspended thousands of feet up… Read More »Private airplanes

Wednesday Windows #5

— While on our way to watch Batman Live at Vienna’s Stadthalle, I saw these two kids by a window. I’m assuming they’re inside their apartment playing – the boy hiding behind the curtains. To join us, simply post a photo of a door or window and let us know where it was taken. Link up to this blog. —

Wednesday Windows # 4 – Cottage Window

Not a real cottage though but one in Disneyland Paris…It was actually there that my fascination with doors and windows started. I took a lot of photos because the buildings were differently made to represent different films. This is, if I’m not mistaken, the cottage of the seven dwarves. To join us, simply post a photo of a door or window and let us know where it was taken. Link… Read More »Wednesday Windows # 4 – Cottage Window

Wednesday Windows #3

Gasthaus’ Window, Vienna Quite  busy image here…This is across the street and all the things from the other side and from the side lane is reflected while a lamp from the inside can also be seen. This is a window of a Gasthaus that we pass by on our way home. You can’t really see the subject in this photo because everything is thrown in to give you the whole… Read More »Wednesday Windows #3