Video Conferencing and its Benefits in Travelling, Working and Reunion

Travel and Technology / Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

Video conferencing has developed in leaps and bounds in recent years. Thanks to the vast enhancements made to this technology, professionals in the medical, long distance communication, law and educational sectors have all been able to implement this technology and enhance their roles in ways unseen in previous years.

The office is the original home of video conferencing and would be unrecognisable in its current form when compared to that used even five years ago. While the benefits of this form of communication have been seen with global clients, those who work from home are also reaping the benefits.

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Travel and Long distance relationships

“As a professional the only way to keep your customers satisfied is to be there for them all the time. But sometimes you need to take a break and travel abroad to ease away some of that stress. The only way to be on holiday and still remain in control is to make use of video calling or conferencing” says a travel agent expert from

Video conferencing saves time. Just one video call is enough to explain anything to a client or colleague, or to help solve a problem. This takes less time compared to emails and telephone calls. Since it saves time then it will surely save you plenty of money too. Messages can be passed across faster and more clearly, so you don’t need to spend hours trying to make someone get your point.

Video conferencing helps maintain personal connections with your family, clients and colleagues while you travel. You can see their face, hear their voice and get visual details of just about anything.

Remote Working

There are lots of jobs in different sectors which can be worked upon remotely. Support technicians, telephone sales representatives and consultants are just a few roles which can, to certain extents, be performed remotely.

Often remote working within these types of professions is far more practical than travelling into an office on a daily basis. It saves the employee money and time on commuting which could otherwise be spent working, and employers save money on office expenses.

However, no matter the profession, communication is still essential. Sometimes a telephone call or an email is all that is needed, but sometimes a physical presence is required. That’s where video conferencing comes in. stated that the money saved on using telecommunication rather than travelling makes implementing video conferencing devices a true investment for any employees who work from home.

Family Reunion

If family or friends has moved away, or you have relocated to another city or country, it can be hard to maintain relationships. Social networking, emails and phone calls only have a certain level of intimacy and it can be easy unwillingly grow distant.

Video conferencing is the ideal way to stay in touch with loved ones as though you are in the same room. All you need is an internet connection and you can contact anyone anywhere in the world!

While the video conference allows the same level of communication as a phone call, the presence of the person in the room can make all of the difference. Pictures, purchases, and even new homes can be shown to the friend or family member without expensive and time consuming travel costs.

This technology has made such advancements that those living and working in hostile environments can now use it to communicate…

Army Dreamers

Soldiers and employees of the armed forces once relied upon letters and unclear telephone calls in order to communicate with loved ones back home, but video conferencing has completely revolutionised this.

Depression, stress, loneliness and regret can often haunt those working in these remote, tough environments, but video conferencing allows these brave men and women to communicate with their loves ones and experience a much needed boost.

Important life events no longer are missed out on as soldiers can talk to their children as they grow, share a day-to-day conversation with a spouse, and talk to beloved family members on holidays and special occasions.

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  1. My husband was able to watch his girls grow while he was overseas. 18 months is a long time to be away from his family.

  2. It’s no surprise that the demand today for video conferencing equipment and services is exploding. video conferencing has a dramatic effect on the way people do business and the productivity gains they can derive. A large percentage of routine or regular business trips with all their attendant expense can be eliminated by communicating over video.Today’s video conferencing system like as close to “being there

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