Enjoy a Spectacular Sunset at Rialto Beach

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If you’ve read the Twilight Saga, then you’re probably familiar with Port Angeles, Washington. It was where Bella Swan and her friends went to go dress shopping. It was also where she was almost attacked, except Edward Cullen came to the rescue and whisked her off to a fancy restaurant called La Bella Italia.

Some people who are not too familiar with their geography think most of the places mentioned in the book series, including Forks, Washington, were fictional. The truth is these places really do exist. In fact, Port Angeles is home to a couple of beaches and surfing hot spots.

Sunset at Rialto Beach

A twenty-minute drive from Forks, Washington will take you to Port Angeles. About two miles south of downtown Port Angeles is the entrance to Olympic National Park, which is listed among UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Among the park’s major attractions is Rialto Beach, which is famous for its picturesque sea stack rock formation and breathtaking view of sunsets. However, this is no place to bask in the warmth of sunshine. This isn’t the place to get that perfect tan you’ve always wanted. Rialto Beach is also a great surfing hot spot.

In the Twilight Series, the Cullen family decided to make Forks their home because of its weather, something that was “feasible” for them. This is actually true since Rialto Beach is where frequent Pacific storms happen. Still, backpackers and day hikers enjoy the ever-changing scenic corridor brought about by the erratic weather.

Given that it is one of the most accessible beaches on the Olympic Peninsula, Rialto Beach is quite popular among tourists. Nevertheless, you won’t feel too crowded as you walk for miles down the beach and make detours to Mora Beach or Hole-in-the-Wall. You can practically fly a kite in the salty breeze and just have fun without being too conscious of others watching your every move.

Two of Rialto Beach’s most endearing features are the driftwoods and sea stacks that litter parts of the beach and shoreline. The view itself is surreal, and it would most definitely remind you of wintry storms that bluster through out of nowhere. Walking along the beach during low tide would give you glimpses off tide pools.

Rialto Beach offers a spectacular view of the sunset, which you can immerse yourself in whether you’re walking along a cobbled beach or sitting on the shore while watching waves crash onto offshore stacks. As mentioned earlier, Rialto Beach has some awesome hiking trails, and where hiking is possible, so is camping.

Therefore, if you’re up for some nature tripping, you can set up your tent and camp on the beach under the stars. Camping groups, though, are limited to no more than 12 persons, and you can only build a campfire on the beach. Otherwise, you can head out to Mora campground, which is about 2 miles from the trailhead.

Here, you’ll find 94 secluded campsites. It’s the perfect place for glampers, or people who enjoy glamping, as the campsites are big enough to accommodate those big tents complete with all the amenities urban campers are bound to enjoy.

So if you’re looking for a unique beach experience, try Rialto Beach. It’s a great place to enjoy a dip in the waters of the Pacific Ocean, as well as a great place to enjoy the ultimate hiking and camping experience with the whole family.

Sunset from Rialto Beach

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(photo1 via Bern Harrison  – http://www.flickr.com/photos/bern_harrison/)

(photo2 via Mike Shettel – http://www.flickr.com/photos/shettelbus/)

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  1. Lovely pictures! That’s on my bucket list… Before i die, i want to watch a spectacular sunset, too

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