December 2013

Why Visit Hawaii in 2014?

There’s no place on earth quite like Hawaii. Made up entirely of islands, Hawaii is the most recent addition to the US states and boasts a beautiful setting in the Pacific Ocean and offers a wealth of attractions to visitors from all over the world. With gorgeous beaches, fascinating culture and stunning natural beauty, it’s sure to be a holiday you’ll never forget. Just in case you need any more… Read More »Why Visit Hawaii in 2014?

Preparing for the Finest UK Experience

Setting foot in the United Kingdom is a  lifelong dream for many. Personally, it is a dream too – a longing evoked by years of reading literature and watching movies that featured mesmerizing English countryside. I felt and breathed fresh royal air while reading historical romances that featured the Moorish marsh and the landscapes of medieval England and I also walked with Sherlock Holmes finding adventure in the streets of… Read More »Preparing for the Finest UK Experience