Safe Travels

Tips For Safe Travels Abroad

All work and no play make one dull.  Nothing’s more repulsive than a person who lacks luster and is buried in boredom.  One sure way to add dimension to anybody’s personality is travel.  Visiting places you’ve never been to before helps develop your character and builds confidence in ways you never thought imaginable.   But before you head out and pack your bags, do remember to be secure; financially, emotionally and physically. Make sure that you have enough to spend and if not, try to raise a bit more so that you don’t go short on cash. It is best to scour your unused stuff and maybe have a garage sale or sell some to get cash for phones and other gadgets that you are not using anymore. Make sure that you have packed enough pieces of garments for your travel – but make enough room for souvenirs and what other things you may buy. And of course, never be neglectful while there, here are some of the safety tips we can all observe to make travelling enjoyable.


Don’t be flashy.  This is hardly the time to display your new Rolex or that stunning necklace from Tiffany’s.  You stand to attract way too much attention than you’d like if you come off as wealthy.  People will get the impression that you’re swimming in money.  Play it low, and keep the ostentatious display under wraps- at least for now.

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