Top Indoor Activities to Partake in Throughout Summer

Summer Travel / Friday, February 8th, 2013


With the weather extremely warm outside and the inconsistent streams of heat and rain, many people tend to spend the majority of their time indoors. Reason being simply, to escape the sun or the rain! That being said, we must be kept entertained inside. The variety of activities that are enjoyed inside are generally completely different from those outside. Of course this makes sense, however if you are more outdoorsy person, what would you possibly get up to if being restricted inside? Here’s a list of common indoor summer activities.


Watch Sports

For many sports, summer time is the peak of the season, therefore displaying an abundance games from an array of different categories. Here, for the sports fan, lies the perfect opportunity to catch up or follow your preferred teams as you can thoroughly enjoy the heat in the air conditioning with a beer and a snack. Knowing that it is far too hot or wet outside (whatever the case may be), you should have no regrets while you watch live or replayed games.

chess, Top Indoor Activities to Partake in Throughout Summer
Fancy Chess?

Social Games and Board Games

It may be a Saturday evening or simply a weekday where you may have the day off. Regardless of the situation, if you have some company at home, whether it is a partner, kids or a friend, social games are always interesting to help amuse yourself and pass the time. Social games can include cards, puzzles and board games from an array of genres. These are generally conducted in a social aspect, therefore requiring a minimum number of people. You can incorporate some drinks into the cmix, pending you’re all of legal age.

Watch Movies

When admitted indoors due to poor weather, it is an opportunity to catch up on all the latest movies you haven’t had a chance to watch. It would be more exciting to watch movies with a partner of friends, however if you prefer to watch them by yourself, go right ahead. Head down to the local video store and pick up your favourite titles, or re-watch your own copies if you so prefer.


This one maybe relates more so for the ladies, however the guys can get involved to. With the abundance of cooking shows now on TV, you have the opportunity to try match these creations. Try cooking your favourite cuisine from scratch or a preferable recipe from a local recipe cook book.

Start a Blog

With excess time on your hands and the ideas flowing in your head, perhaps you could try creating your own blog. Your blog could relate to favourable topics, such as sports or cooking, as this will interest you and provide the motivation to discuss your favourite topics. You don’t have to be an expert to write a blog, many people do it to enhance their writing capabilities, or just to have fun. You just may enjoy it once you gather followers.

We tried to leave the boring ones off this list, such as cleaning, however there are countless indoor activities that you could encounter when staying indoors from poor weather. Be sure to keep all the doors closed to keep either the rain or the heat out. Doors installed from Downunder Screens will ensure all the unwanted temperatures and pests remain outside.

grill at home

Tim H is based in Brisbane, Australia. He enjoys rainy days and has discovered that these are his most preferred indoor activities whislt prevented from going outside. 



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