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Boulders Beach – A Quaint Haven in Cape Town

Boulders Beach – A Quaint Haven in Cape Town

People’s perception of Africa has tremendously changed over the years mainly because it has gained prominence as a worthwhile vacation destination. Quite a number of beaches in the country beckon beach bums and wanderlusts seeking to have a good time.

Cape Town, the second most populated city in Africa next to Johannesburg, is home to many breathtaking beaches. In fact, it’s famous for its harbour; thus, it is widely known as Africa’s most popular tourist destination.


One of the well-known beaches in Cape Town is Boulders Beach (or Boulders Bay). It lies just around the corner from Simon’s Town. Charming and quaint are two words that may be used to describe this sheltered cove of white sand beach. Massive granite boulders are aplenty on this beach, hence, the name Boulders Beach.

While most of the beaches in Cape Town have icy waters (these being part of the Atlantic Ocean), the waters of Boulders Beach are a tad warmer (the beach being on the Indian Ocean side of the peninsula). The beach is ideal for snorkeling and sheltered swimming. If you’re the type of person who likes to have a good time but want a more laid-back atmosphere, Boulders Beach is the place to go to.

The charming appeal of the beach must emanate from Simon’s Town itself, which is a former navy seaport. What lure people to this place may perhaps be the giant boulders found along the beach that provide seclusion and utmost protection from the wind.

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Shop and Drop at Cape Town’s Beaches and Markets

Shop and Drop at Cape Town’s Beaches and Markets

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Cape Town tops the list of beach cities with its pristine seashores and it’s really no wonder why. Comprised of 3 regions, each boasts of beaches that could rival the most picturesque around the world. With a mediterranean climate of mild, moderately wet winters and dry, warm summers, there’s always a good reason to find yourself enjoying there.

Cape Town has also long been known for its fantastic range of markets carrying a vast array of different wares, but in recent years its popularity has well and truly exploded, giving rise to a renaissance of its market scene.

If you’re planning on making your way to the Mother City, you would be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t get yourself down to a market or two. With craft beers flowing and artisan foods cooking, there’s plenty to keep you going while you trawl through the designer goods.


Here’s how best to spend your weekend – shopping!


On your very first day in the lovely place that is Cape Town, you’ll want to head over to Muizenberg, a community in the south of the city, where you’ll find the Blue Bird Garage Food & Goods Market.

A late market, it doesn’t open until 4 in the afternoon, so you have the morning to explore your new surroundings, and it keeps trading until 10pm. Located in an old hangar that used to be used as the base for the southern hemisphere’s very first airmail service, the Blue Bird is a fun place to spend some time.

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