Gone Medieval at the Wien Museum

Uncategorized / Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011
*Knights at the museum.* 😀


In Vienna, rain or shine…we roll. I went with my daughter’s class sometime last month to the Vienna Museum in Karsplatz – it was raining though. The museum particularly showcases Medieval Vienna. The purpose of this trip is for the kids to have a visual knowledge of Vienna’s “colorful” history. I came along to learn as the kids do…I don’t have to reiterate that I am a history buff, right?


Attendants at the museum, wearing medieval costumes, guided us from displays to maps, family crests, lamp remains, miniatures, paintings and of course real life knights as you see in the photos; complete with its medieval breastplate, helmet and lance…or the lack thereof.

Queen and Pieta


Just behind the headless horseman are helmets which are far from being spartan helmets – being a museum display of all things medieval. The kids were giggling seeing this part of the displays…they thought it amusing for the knight to be headless. They were in for a bigger surprise when the guide showed us the guillotine!

 There were also paintings by Klimt and Schiele, Schönberg and other famous artists. The highlight would be two large-scale models of the city. Illustrating a scarcely imaginable caesura in urban development: Vienna before and after the dismantlement of the fortresses and the construction of the monumental buildings at the Ringstrasse. The kids, as well as myself, listened to the guide carefully as we looked at the miniature buildings with awe.

miniature vienna
miniature Vienna


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