Approaching London Olympics

The London Olympics is fast approaching, it’s slated in July and August 2012. This would be particularly big as there are 302 events in 26 sports! As early as now, the government is promoting the Olympics with their banners, decorating Underground trains and a Countdown clock in Trafalgar Square has been set up. Countdown commenced at the opening ceremony on 14 March 2011. So in relation to the Olympics, here is an infographic related to bingo facts. The… Read More »Approaching London Olympics

Where to Go? #2 – Faro, Portugal

We’re having 8° around this region now. Suddenly, thoughts of the beach, of white sand and blue waters turned to just white landscape…snow. I’m still not ready for winter. As if fanning the flame that I am feeling, I’ve been seeing flights to Faro advertisements on blogs I visit… Fueled with curiosity, I ended up finding the photo above. Pristine! Faro is a lovely district in southern Portugal, coincident with Algarve.… Read More »Where to Go? #2 – Faro, Portugal

Venetian Charm

  Walking in Venice is not an option, it is a way of life, literally. Seldom would you see motorbikes around and much more seldom than that are cars. For how can cars travel around on alleys and road made for pedestrians? This is the charm that only Venice can bring. A beautiful setting, truly inspiring architecture characterized by vibrantly-colored buildings, a thousand bridges, a city in itself an artwork.… Read More »Venetian Charm