June 2017

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The Breathtaking Rock Formations of Playa de las Catedrales

Europe is home to many breathtaking beaches, one of which is Playa de las Catedrales in the Eastern European region of Galicia, northwest of Spain. Officially, Playa de las Catedrales or “beach of the cathedrals” is called “Praia de Augas Santas” or Beach of the Holy Waters.

The regional Ministry for the Environment of the Xunta de Galicia has declared Playa de las Catedrales a Natural Monument. This recognition is due to the marvelous rock formations and cliffs that serve as the focal features of the beach. The natural arches and caves of the beach, which are best seen when the tide is low, remain the most characteristic feature of the place.

As Catedrais beach

Low tides will give you the best chance to appreciate the size of the magnificent cliffs. It’s also the best time to take snapshots of the sea caves. Imagine yourself creating your own picture story with the picturesque view as your subject. You could lose yourself taking pictures of caves that start out as small cracks on the rocks and leading to gigantic caves with collapsed roofs (the roofs eroded due to the giant waves of the beach).

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Gandia Beach – Far from the Maddening Crowd

Spain is probably one of the most beautiful countries one can explore. It is a traveler’s haven, what with its awesome historical places, delightful scenic spots, and stunning beaches.

One area in Spain that is famous for its beaches is Gandia, also known as La Safor. This gorgeous area is located on the mid-eastern seaboard of Spain and just below Spain’s third largest city, Valencia. It’s on the cusp of northern Costa Blanca and southern Costa del Azahar, both long stretches of Mediterranean coastline. Hence, it’s not surprising that the delightful smaller towns, estates, and villages of Gandia extend inland and along a breathtaking coast of beaches that have earned their Blue Flags. (A Blue Flagged beach means that a beach or a marina has been certified by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) for meeting its rigorous standards).


Nevertheless, despite the seemingly attractive promises that Gandia holds, it’s quite odd that it doesn’t get as much attention from international travelers unlike other places in Spain. Imagine 11 kilometers of wide, golden, unsullied beaches left untapped by many tourists.

Ironically, it is those savvy locals who spend time in Gandia. Apparently, they have made it their alternate destination to get away from “rowdy” tourists (who may have had one drink too many) and just enjoy a blissful day at sea.

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Lose Yourself in the Desert Island that Is Railay Beach

Railay beach is touted as one of Thailand’s most beautiful beaches. It’s a small peninsula sandwiched between the cities of Krabi and Ao Nang. Immense limestone cliffs surround the beach amidst a backdrop of lush jungle. Because of the cliffs, mainland access is impossible; thus, you can only reach the beach by boat. At any rate, this lends a desert island feel to the beach.

 Railay beach is composed of a couple of beaches – East Railay (or Sunrise) Beach and West Railay (or Sunset) Beach. The former serves as the docking point for boats that come in from Krabi. However, since dense mangrove covers the majority of East Railay, it really isn’t suitable for swimming. In any case, you would still find plenty to do there, since there is a commercial area that runs along a promenade at the northern end of the waterfront. Here, you would find various establishments such as restaurants, bars, and more. The Diamond Cave, another tourist attraction, is also accessible through East Railay.


West Railay Beach, on the other hand, connects to the East side by paths lined through the large resorts. You can also reach West Railay from East Railay through the trails found among the jungle cover. The limestone cliffs mentioned at the get-go are actually here on the West side. Long-tail boats and ferries are available here if you want to go island hopping. Nevertheless, just like East Railay, there also are some restaurants and shops found on a short walking street.

Rock climbing is easily the most popular thing to do in Railay Beach. In fact, it is one of the coolest ways to have fun and meet new friends while vacationing in Thailand. You’d be surprised at the diversity of people you would find climbing the vertical rock walls of Krabi. That’s because tourists from other countries have discovered how popular rock climbing is in Krabi; thus, they also want to share in the fun.

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Enjoy the City by the Bay through Baker Beach


Tony Bennett may have been to Paris where the loveliness of the country seemed sadly gay, to Rome, and to Manhattan where he felt terribly alone and forgotten. Yet, he still chose to go back home to his “city by the bay” because that’s where he left his heart at.

Of course, if you know your geography, then you’re well aware that there’s no other ‘city by the bay’ except San Francisco. It’s forever etched in history because of the Gold Rush in 1849. It’s also one of the most culturally diverse cities in the United States, and in fact, this diversity makes the city overwhelmingly charming and beautiful.

When you go to San Francisco, you’ll find yourself with plenty of things to do and many places to visit. Because of the mild climate that permeates the city, you wouldn’t mind traversing up and down its streets and rolling hills to absorb the sights that lend the city its unique and breathtaking panorama.

Given that there are so many places to visit, there won’t be any shortage of activities while you’re in San Francisco. After all, it’s home to the Golden Gate Bridge, the Golden Gate Park, Fisherman’s Wharf, Pier 39, Union Square, and “The Rock” itself, Alcatraz, to name a few. Of course, shopping malls and other cultural and entertainment spots are aplenty, too.

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Boracay Sunset – An Awe-Inspiring Spectacle of Nature

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Nature has its own special way of fascinating people. Something about would make even the most uncaring, unfeeling or aloof stay put and take notice. While there are many things in nature that can leave us awestruck, nothing can be as powerful as an arresting beautiful sunset.

Ask people around and they would give you a simple equation – sunset = romance. It doesn’t even matter if you have a significant other or not. You can romance the sunset well on your own. How is that even possible? Just think of the reflective thoughts and ideas that sunsets can evoke from you, and we all know that nothing can be sexier than a person’s mind, isn’t that right?

Add a beautiful sunset and one of the perfect white sand beaches in the world and you get Boracay. This Philippine island is a favorite among locals and foreigners not only because of the beaches but also because of the coconut trees, turquoise-blue water, incredibly beautiful surroundings, and laid-back atmosphere. It’s not surprising, then, that Boracay is touted as one of the top beach destinations in the world. In fact, many call it the Côte d’Azur of Asia. Now that’s really something.Read More »Boracay Sunset – An Awe-Inspiring Spectacle of Nature

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Amanpulo – A Piece of Heaven on Earth

Secluded and romantic private islands have become a haven for couples (and even non-couples) who value their privacy. Compared to other beach resorts, private resorts allow most people to leave their worries behind even for a short period.

Many of these secluded resorts cater to honeymooners and lovebirds who want a healthy dose of alone time. Hence, these private resorts offer amenities that only serve to make the entire vacation experience one-of-a-kind. Of course, it goes without saying that the main patrons of these secluded resorts are the rich and privileged since these resorts charge hefty tabs.

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In the Philippines, there is a private resort located in the island of Palawan. This private resort is called Amanpulo.

Amanpulo is an island paradise that offers a piece of heaven on earth. Just imagine yourself waking up in the mornings and being greeted by azure waters and being bathed in the lovely warmth of the sun. The pristine beaches of this island resort feature lush greens and tropical flora and fauna that remain untouched by urban development. The city council of Palawan has made sure that the private resort remains secluded to ensure the privacy of its clientele, which is mostly made up of celebrities (both local and foreign), politicians, and other wealthy and important bigwigs.

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Sights and Attractions in Negros Occidental

The Philippines is said to be one of the most beautiful countries in Asia. Divided by three main islands and composed of multiple islets (7,107 islands during low tide), Filipinos developed different cultures and different beliefs depending on the province one came from. For instance, Negros Occidental; this province is widely known for its rich culture, magnificent spots and delicious cuisines. The capital city of Negros Occidental is Bacolod City. People in this… Read More »Sights and Attractions in Negros Occidental