April 2013

Costabella Tropical Beach Resort

If you’re planning for an amazing summer of your life, the best place to go is to a tropical island. Tropical Island as we all know is a land surrounded by magnificent waters. One of the famous tropical islands in the world is the Philippines. It is consists of 7,107 islands, and one of the beautiful islands can be found in the Visayas region, Mactan Island in Cebu. There are… Read More »Costabella Tropical Beach Resort

Top 5 Affordable Hotels to Stay in London

If one were to think of great cities of the world with great hotels, the list would probably be comprised of  New York, London, Abu Dhabi, Naples, Zurich, and Paris to name a few. However, no place is as adept at combining old world charm and new world comfort as London. London and New York are famous for high priced real estate being reflected in the cost of a hotel.… Read More »Top 5 Affordable Hotels to Stay in London

Top Tourist Destinations in the Bahamas

Just by hearing the word Bahamas, I start to imagine beaches and natural wonders that are great for travelers. This is simply because Bahamas is perfect for vacation and travel destinations. Having a vacation in Bahamas means sipping natural drinks produced from the place rich source of tropical fruits or diving to explore the beaches and abundant marine life. Here are some of the places you can go to Bahamas… Read More »Top Tourist Destinations in the Bahamas

Best Reasons to Travel to Belize

Going to a visit to Belize is something for a traveler with a taste or should we say choosy. Because this place cannot be simply described as beautiful you have to find another word superior than beautiful to describe it.  Personally, I can’t find the right and exact word to describe this place.  All I know is I love to visit the place. Here are few reasons I’d like to… Read More »Best Reasons to Travel to Belize

Visiting Holland? Dont Forget to Check Them Out

Europe is very attractive to many people when it comes to vacation and one of the best places to go in Europe is Holland.  They say best engineers are abundant in Amsterdam that is why you should consider spending time to experience the best waterworks engineering in Amsterdam. Amazing Places to Visit in Holland Holland Houseboats I am pretty sure you have heard of boats, but what about house boats?… Read More »Visiting Holland? Dont Forget to Check Them Out

Want a Truly Asia Experience? Visit Malaysia Now

Historically, the rich  culture of Malaysia has few things that are similar to the Philippine culture. There are few claims that Malay and Philippines have the same roots before the colonial period of the Spaniards. Having this knowledge means to me that having a vacation in Malaysia is more attractive for me than going out in any other Western country. There are few tourists’ attractions in Malaysia that I find… Read More »Want a Truly Asia Experience? Visit Malaysia Now

Where to Go #5 – Picturesque Noosa National Park

Known as the “Land Down Under,” Australia boasts of many tourist destinations and vacation spots. Since Australian summer occurs at a time when most other countries are freezing at below zero temperatures, it has become an ideal getaway for many people.

Visitors to the country won’t be shortchanged once they set foot there. From the various historical sites to vineyards that offer winery tours, you can never go wrong in Australia. Typical tourists or those who merely visit other countries to visit famous landmarks and sample delectable fares would normally have the following in their list of places to visit while traversing the Land Down Under:

1. Sydney Opera House – With its soaring, sail-like arches, it is touted as the “instantly most recognizable” landmark in Australia. It is to Australia what the Eiffel Tower is to Paris.

2. Great Barrier Reef – Stretching over 2,600 kilometers, it is the world’s largest coral reef system composed of 2,900 individual reefs and 900 islands. This is the only coral reef system visible from the outer space.

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Must-visit Places When You’re in Maldives

Experiencing a nice weather is one of the best things we should consider in taking a vacation. This is one of the advantages if you shall go to Maldives for a vacation. Maldives’ temperature ranges between 24 and 33 degrees which mean that it’s not too cold or too hot in the country. Having this kind of climate is the best in visiting resorts and being involved in other outdoor… Read More »Must-visit Places When You’re in Maldives