November 2012

Travel on the Cheap


Travelling is really fun but the price tag to it could sometimes be discouraging but with some digging here and there (browsing if you prefer), you can travel for less and have more fun with the money you save. There are a lot of discount deals that you can get your hands on and here are some of them.
Coupon codes. Don’t you love how diverse they’ve become? You can always find something to use to get a discount when buying something – online or not. You can definitely cut the cost of almost everything with voucher codes. We’re talking food, children’s needs, baby necessities, even tickets – not limited to theaters, cinemas and other entertainment. But, what could be more exciting than getting Expedia discount codes and visiting the most beautiful cities on your bucket list for less?  Get 60% off selected hotels or save up to 30% off you next ski vacation with Expedia codes but enjoy the same amenities and services when you book at a nearby travel agency.
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Sunrise at Kiev

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Money-Wise Tips for the Novice Traveler


Money makes the world go round.   And literally, when you want to go anywhere around the world, you need money.  Traveling the seven seas and taking in the sights and sounds of your chosen destination will be much more enjoyable if you have a considerable amount of cash tucked away in your pockets.  Especially for the first time traveler, it’s pretty easy to fall into the trap of getting sucked in by all the excitement and revelry of the trip without taking some time to think about your budget.  Here are some money smart tips to keep in mind when traveling to a foreign land.

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A brief introduction about different hotels in San Francisco

San Francisco is a popular destination that presents its tourist with a fascinating and diverse experience who visits this amazing place. It’s perfect combination of old world charm with the most modern-day exuberance is a special feature that makes San Francisco unique from all other places. Planning for a holiday on this spectacular place is becoming popular and one of the main reasons behind this is regarding the best accommodation option the place offers. Right from budget hotels to luxury hotels all are available in numerous numbers that makes everyone confused due to the many options they have to choose from. A wise step to be followed at the time of searching for best hotels in San Francisco would be by following certain guidelines.


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A diverse range of accommodation choices

There is nothing wrong in saying that San Francisco is the home of almost all type of accommodation that a person can imagine. The budget guesthouses and boutique hotels, the classy sport Victorian style façade create a charming atmosphere for guests that would be never found at any other place. In addition, the travelers requiring modern accommodation are offered with the more contemporary hotel buildings. 5-star hotels among the grand locations close to the city centre, like those situated near to the Union Square are the most luxurious option with extremely spacious rooms and suites with finest personalized services like in-room spa services and many more. Even the most affordable type of accommodation that is the bed and breakfast option are even comfortable and cozy, but are located at a distance from the city centre like in Golden Gate park which is a less central area. The additional information regarding the hotels in city is that they charge 14% extra as room tax so they are comparatively costlier.

san francisco bay

San Francisco bay

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Feel Completely Secured in the Montana Tent


When it is a matter of staying in the tents, it is definitely a bit on the riskier side, but if everything is well managed and organized, the same can turn out to be an exciting experience as well. Basically, it all depends upon the kind of tent that you choose for staying in. Montana tent is one its kind, which is regarded as perfect for any hunting or adventurous events. No matter how many options do you have for the stay, but the kind of relaxation and security this tent will provide, it is simply out of this world.

And, this is only possible because of the quality of the tent. The best part about it is that, you also get the color options in it such as light green, white or even khaki.

Feel Completely Secured in the Montana Tent

Under the skies…

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Shore Excursions in Las Palmas

Las Palmas is the most popular city of the Canary Islands, and with a population of over 300,000 people, it is the ninth largest city in Spain. Nearly 20 per cent of the Canary Islands’ habitants live in Las Palmas, and it’s also the largest city of the European Union that lies outside of a continent. Located about 150 kilometers off the northwest coast of Africa, Las Palmas enjoys a sub-tropical climate, and according to some scientists, the most perfect climate in the world.

Founded as a city in 1478, Las Palmas was considered the only capital of the Canary Islands until the late seventeenth century and the birth of Santa Cruz. First named “Real de Las Palmas” by founder and head of Castilian forces Juan Rejon, Las Palmas has been a popular holiday destination for holidaymakers all over the world for hundreds of years.

las palmas panorama

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5 Things Set to Affect Your Vienna Exchange Rate

Do you plan to visit Vienna? Can’t wait to see the Hofburg Imperial Palace, or the Ringstrasse? Then, before you go, there’s the important matter of changing currencies. Because, unless you’re already in the Eurozone, you’ll have to change whatever currency you use at home to euros before you arrive. US dollars won’t take you too far in Wien (as the city is known by the locals!)

Given that, when’s the best time to buy your euros? What’s set to influence the euro exchange rate? In this post, I want to look at 5 things set to rock the euro in the coming weeks. If you plan to visit Vienna soon, these could help you determine when the euro is weakest (and therefore, when you’re more likely to get the highest common currency total!)


Theseus temple

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