September 2011

The Top 3 Destinations in Europe for Low Cost Villa Rentals

  With its rich history, established culture, and beautiful scenery, Europe is one of the world’s top destinations for travel. For people looking to enjoy a true taste of this continent at a great bargain, here are three of the best destinations for villa rentals at bargain rates in Europe.   [View of Villa Travigne, a low-cost luxury villa in Italy] Villa Travigne is one of the most affordable villas… Read More »The Top 3 Destinations in Europe for Low Cost Villa Rentals

Souvenirs from Vienna #1 – Violin Refrigerator Magnet

I did mention we love music, right? Not really the classics or symphonies and Opera but I won’t say no to those either. Living in the music capital of the world, cultured as an artistic city – I have to adapt…especially for the kids. I am not born with a golden spoon in my mouth but I love to read, I love history and would want to experience the grandeur… Read More »Souvenirs from Vienna #1 – Violin Refrigerator Magnet

Lightning versus Metal Roofing Langley

I found this interesting question at Question: Is there a checklist of potential damage to look for in a building that has experienced a lightning strike? Answer: After an exhaustive search we found some information related to the damage a building might sustain from a lightning strike, but were unable to come up with a checklist. However, it is safe to say that any building struck by lightning will… Read More »Lightning versus Metal Roofing Langley

Knowing Vancouver Renovations

True, old houses and buildings have a certain charm, it makes me want to photograph every single one of them. This day and age though, a modern home is considerably better especially in regions that winter and summer could be extremes. My older brother who moved to Canada last year used to share an apartment with another couple. They recently moved to a smaller one all their own and before… Read More »Knowing Vancouver Renovations

Souvenir from Venice – Snow globe

A few posts below I mentioned that I collect snow globes or water balls. I’d particularly look for one with a famous landmark in it. Venezia, is Italian for Venice so you’d see that inscripted on the base of the globe. This one only has a bridge inside it, which is fitting as Venice is also known as the city of bridges. The Campanile (bell tower) of  St.Mark’s Basilica is… Read More »Souvenir from Venice – Snow globe

Venetian Charm

  Walking in Venice is not an option, it is a way of life, literally. Seldom would you see motorbikes around and much more seldom than that are cars. For how can cars travel around on alleys and road made for pedestrians? This is the charm that only Venice can bring. A beautiful setting, truly inspiring architecture characterized by vibrantly-colored buildings, a thousand bridges, a city in itself an artwork.… Read More »Venetian Charm

Souvenir(s) from Venice

Kids and adults City shirts are also a good choice for souvenirs. Not only is it a token of remembrance, it’s very usable/useful of course. During our trip to Venice, we bought shirts for the kids along with a handful of souvenirs. Little boy got this red shirt while son#1 got black and older sister got pink, what else? City shirts need not be expensive, you can go visit boutiques… Read More »Souvenir(s) from Venice

Souvenirs from Ukraine (toy plane)

Whenever we travel, by we, I mean you too and every person who loves to go backpacking, we see to it that we buy a souvenir from that city or town, right? For me, that’s a refrigerator magnet or a snow globe, when available. Sometimes a beer bottle opener would do but I seldom buy it since we don’t drink beer at home. When hubby visited Kiev I asked for… Read More »Souvenirs from Ukraine (toy plane)

Should you opt for a whole or term Texas life insurance policy

Life insurance policies usually fall under one of two categories: whole life insurance and term life insurance. The type of Texas life insurance policy you choose will depend on your future needs and your current circumstances. Term Life: shorter term gain Although term life policies don’t offer the same type of coverage as whole life policies, they are sometimes preferred by individuals who don’t like the idea of being tied… Read More »Should you opt for a whole or term Texas life insurance policy

Winter’s almost here….take out your boots!

  I love wearing boots, it makes me feel so stylish. I love it in spring and autumn though, not in winter…I wear rugged boots then just as my kids when they go to school on snowy mornings. Winter boots have to be all warm and sturdy, water-resistant and with teeth  soles that would make walking on snow easier and less slippery. Anyway, autumn will come before winter so I will… Read More »Winter’s almost here….take out your boots!